Vehicle Inspection

Must Need Safety Inspections for Vehicles Before Buying a Pre-owned or Selling a Car?

Such an interesting topic we got here, if you are in Australia, and you are looking for information that will take your doubts away then you got into the right place.

The answer to this question is a straight yes, no matter which part you are you will need to have a safety inspection done to the car you are looking to sell. Depending on which area and state of the country you are you may need a different certificate but the process for it no matter what name the certificate has or where you are will require an inspection.

The cases are the following:

  • In Queensland you need to get the roadworthy certificate or RWC, legislation here is very strict about this topic, not having it or displaying it in the wrong way can lead to fines.
  • Australian Central Territory allows the cars to be sold without the RWC yet transferring them to another person is not possible, therefore you should have it too. This rule applies to Victoria too.
  • Tasmania has random vehicle inspection roadworthy which are quite like the RWC and if they don’t see that is properly adjusted to what is needed for it to be sold they will call it defective vehicle.
  • New South Wales has its own process which is a bit more complex but also more complete than in the states mentioned before, depending on how old the vehicle is the tag you will get will be different, if 5 years older it will require a safety check plus if is less than five years old it will need an integrity check.
  • Western Australia makes the request of a roadworthy if the car has gone through modifications or comes from another country and in the North Territory, a vehicle must be inspected if weights less than 4.5 tons and is not older than 3 years by the moment it will be transferred or registered in other states.

Remember that this is required either if you are buying a pre-owned car (therefore you have to check out if the car you are looking for has it already or must be done) and also if you are selling your car, in case you don’t have it and post it online or offer it even using a phone banner on one of the windows you will get fined, in Brisbane the law is strict with this so you better avoid losing money for that. Even if you are moving to another state and want to register your vehicle there, you must have this certificate or if you are bringing it to this one.

In roadworthies, we are an approved inspection station and we can take care of the inspection for you to get your roadworthy certificate and you won’t have to worry about having any legal issues, the best thing is that we come to you so you don’t have to ride your car somewhere.

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