Mobile Vehicle Inspection

What is the Mobile Roadworthy Certificate, Importance & benefits of Roadworthy Certificate in Brisbane and Gold Coast?

The Mobile Roadworthy Certificate or RWC is a certification for cars that are in sale, said certification has to be done by the moment the car is offered, also when the car is going to be registered in another stated or was unregister and the process to have it register back again is going to be done by the owner in order to avoid being fined.

This certificate is obtained by an approved inspection station, which will do an inspection of certain elements of the car to see if it’s mobile roadworthy or not, the importance of this is that said certificate approves that the car is complying with the minimum requirements in terms of safety to drive on Australian roads without putting in risk the lives of those that go in it and other drivers around it.

Without it in Brisbane a car can’t be sold and in other states or regions of the country it can be sold but not transferred (so you should have it anyways) or another ins0070ection must be done, either way, no matter where you are the authorities must check if a car is roadworthy or not if you want to sell it.

There are elements check on the vehicle inspection to get the Mobile roadworthy certificate and those are the following:

  • Breaks
  • Tyres –Wheels
  • Any damage caused in the structure of the vehicle by rust or hits
  • All lights
  • Windows (counting the windscreen)

Surely there are other elements to be checked but these are key ones, if you do it in advance before starting the process of selling the vehicle you will get some benefits out of that, like the fact you don’t have any issues with the paperwork, you will be able to decide when to start the process of offering it fast and in case a police officer or inspector request the certification you will avoid problems by not having it.

This roadworthy certificate must be displayed depending on which type of vehicle you are selling; either if is a motorcycle, car or trailer in certain areas. For example if you have a car it has to be on one of the windows or windscreen, if it’s a trailer it must be on the drawbar and if it’s a motorcycle is must be displayed on the guard or the front forks, this applies on handwritten roadworthy certificates, if the certificate was issued electronically then you don’t need to display it but you must carry it with you on your electronic devices such as phones or tablet.

If you are in Brisbane and need to have the certificate done as fast as possible because you are either moving to another state or have a potential buyer and is just waiting for this to be done to proceed with the purchase in roadworthies we will handle it, we come to you, so don’t mind about having to move somewhere, just contact us and we will do the vehicle inspection!

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