Vehicle Inspection

Selling a Car or Buy a pre-owned car in Australia, Points to remember, is your car Roadworthy?

Are you looking for tips to remember regarding the process of selling a car or buying a pre-owned one in Brisbane, Australia mainly?

Well, there are several things you must know before getting in the process, among them, the key pre-requisite called roadworthy certificate.

First we’ll drop some tips before getting into how and why you must have the roadworthy, in case you are looking to buy a second-hand car first you must decide if either you are going to look for it only through online means and then getting in touch with the seller or going old school to that second-hand motor dealer, once you have done that then you must check if the seller has good reviews, a good background, and other little things but the main thing if Is the roadworthy.

What is a roadworthy car?

Is a car that has gone through the vehicle inspection to obtain the Roadworthy Certificate, this means that the vehicle is able to circulate on Australian roads, being safe to be driven as it complies with the minimum requirements for it.

What has to be done to obtain the roadworthy?

In order to get this certificate, you must obtain it from Approved inspection stations (AIS) which are the only who can provide it. There are two types of roadworthy and they are the following:

  • Handwritten RWC: This one can be given by the AIS and must be displayed in the car.
  • Electronic RWC: Is not necessary to display this one but you must have it at least on your electronic devices in case is requested by a potential buyer in case you are selling, inspector or police officer.

During the vehicle inspection  the following parts of the vehicle will be checked:

  • Wheels – tyres
  • Electric system, meaning all lights
  • Windscreen – windows
  • Seats
  • Damage or rust of the vehicle’s structure

The duration of the certificate is different depending of who is the one selling the car, if the seller is particular person, not a licensed motor dealer, it is valid for 2.000 km or 2 months since it’s issued, on the other hand, if the seller is a licensed motor dealer it will be valid for less kilometers but for more time, 1.000 km or 3 months.

You must remember then the basics of the roadworthy, you must get it if you are looking to sell the car or you must check if the car you want to buy has it and if so which type and when it was obtain, also if you are the one selling the car and you got the certificate to remember you must display it in case is handwritten or in your electronic device (you will receive a PDF file when you get it) In case is need it, otherwise you can be fined for a huge amount of money.

The RWC is a must-have in Brisbane & Gold coast and at Roadworthies we will help you to have it done fast!

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